Saturday, August 18, 2012

West Coast or Bust

     As Alex wraps up paper work in San Antonio he is sending the rug rats and I to the West coast. When I was a kid, my Grandparents rented a beach house in the quaint ol’ town of Gearhart each summer for the family to rendezvous at. Once my grandparents passed on my mom kept up the tradition just for our family. And oh how we all love the ocean! Even at my 27 years of age my heart swells at the first glimpse of the crashing waves. I savor the smell of sea salt as the ocean breeze fills my lungs.  There is just something about the ocean that soothes one’s soul.
     Although I am a little nervous to fly solo with the kids, I figure that even if we all arrive crying a few days with the family on the coast will be well worth it. And this means the day has finally come to bid San Antonio farewell!