Monday, September 17, 2012

The Terrible Trio

     With the Twins and Pierce reunited, this month has been a whirlwind of intense moments. So….Mom and I decided to make a game plan in order to survive the month. Each morning we take turns watching the four kids while the other goes on a jog to the end of the road. This morning this is what insued:

     Once Mom took off, I marched the kids down stairs to tear apart the toy closet. Within ten minutes Lincoln Logs were strewn over the floor, a make shift slide had been created off the sofa and the basement echoed with escalating squeals. As I watched the commotion, I stood swaying back and forth with Gretel….trying to induce sleep considering her nap time was approaching. Momentarily, my phone rang and it was Alex who just HAD to talk to me about selling the Land Rover.

     As I listened to Alex carry on, I watched Pierce head out the door for the trampoline. Anya trailed after him, only a few steps behind. However, since it was rather windy out, Anya’s jumping enthusiasm quickly faded and soon she meandered back to the basement door. She flung the door wide open, lingering on the threshold….not sure whether she should brave the wind to jump or play within the security of the living room. Meanwhile, Colette started crying because gusts of wind where whipping through the basement.

     “Anya close the door. Colette stop crying…..Gretel, my sweet heart, go to sleep…..sorry Alex…..what were you saying?” Finally, the door shut and the whining died down for a few brief moments until Pierce decided it was time to come in. Once again the door burst open and Pierce blew over the landing, booking it towards the sofa. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his feet fly up in the air as his butt hit the floor with a loud thud. I whipped around to see Colette guiltily standing in the corner with no pants on, Pierce curiously eyeing the poop on the bottom of his feet and Anya looking on with bewilderment. Ah..............the delightful moments of child rearing!