Tuesday, November 27, 2012


     Prague was every bit of city that we anticipated: Gothic churches, towering facades, town squares, bizarre statues blackened with age. Not to mention a wild night life....of which we were not able to take part. Next time!
     We rented a flat right on Karlova Street, which is one of the streets connecting Charles Bridge to Wenceslas Square to New Town. Hence, it was loud and bustling. However, it accommodated travelers on foot perfectly. Pierce and Gretel did fabulous being carted around all day. The people of Prague acted as though they had never seen a stroller before. As we made our way through the busy streets people ooooed and ahhhhhed over the Chariot. Alex and I are still a bit miffed as to why.
Charles Bridge and St. Vitas on the hill.

 Craving adventure? Just go out to dinner with the rug rats!

Gretel could have used a dose of my hot wine this night....


Usually the bridge is packed....however this is early morning and Prague is NOT a morning town.
Flying buttresses of St. Vitas

This is not my beer...I was waiting for somthing far superior: coffee and a pastry!

The oddities of the Czech.