Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monkey Bubbles

     Pierce and I were swimming at the pool a few days ago. The pool complex on Ramstein is amazing. The kiddy area sports a water slide, a mushroom and a few smaller slides. One of the small slides is a bright yellow elephant ….standing about 5 feet above the water. This particular slide is rather steep. I watched Pierce scramble up the ladder and whiz down countless times. Out of the blue, Pierce paused at the top of the elephant……then with chest thrust out, arms cocked back he leapt towards the pool. For a half a millisecond it looked glorious. And then with a shattering thud his feet, butt, head connected with the slide. What the…..??!!?! I thought for sure he split his head open as I swooped him up and the life guards came running. What in the world was he thinking? Fortunately, there was no blood; just one gigantic bump. Hands down, the biggest monkey bubble I have ever seen. Alex said it was worthy of a Looney Tune ‘lump’.