Monday, April 22, 2013


Alex and I decided we had to escape the winter dreariness of Germany. So, we pulled out the RyanAir flight map. One of the furthest southern destinations was Crete. I love the beach and sand and sparkling water……hence…Crete seemed like the perfect destination!
Departure day rolled around. I had labored over packing the right clothes for each person, books, snacks, swimsuits, sunscreen, toys and diapers. We set our alarms for the early morning departure and everything appeared to be in perfect order.
Of course, 2:45 am came a bit too soon. But we rallied the troops, packed the car and were out the door on time.
As we pulled into the Frankfurt Airport, I wondered incredulously, “People do this all the time? This airport is HUGE?!?! Flashing lights everywhere….parking 10 miles away. Everyone claims RyanAir is super easy to travel on. Whatever.” We pulled into long term parking and loaded the kids and bags onto the 15 minute shuttle ride. The bus driver asked, “What Airline?” Alex answered, “RyanAir.” A long pause ensued……………………………………………………………………………………………………breaking the silence, the bus driver said, “RyanAir only flies out of Frankfurt Hahn which is 120 Kilometers away. You are at the wrong airport.”
I have heard of people arriving at the wrong gate, wrong time, wrong terminal, but never……the wrong airport! My heart skipped a beat. My watch read 4:50 and our plane departed at 6:20. We rushed the kids back to the car, jumped in and Alex laid the pedal down. The whole drive my mind was racing, “What idiots….I cant believe we didn’t catch the fact that there are two Airports. We will never make it on time; none the less: park, check the bags and get through security. So much money wasted and no vacation!”
I honestly think angel’s wings carried our car to Frankfurt Hahn. We ran though the automatic doors of the airport at 5:50 and somehow were walking up the plane stairs for an on time departure 10 minutes later.

DAY 1-

First things first: lets get a bite to eat!

Cretian Food = feta, tomatoes, olives and yogurt!

A mile hike to Balos Beach

And the hike back out from Balos beach. The kids didn't last long with the wind...but Pierce still managed to strip down to his BVDs.

"Bye, bye beach!" says Pierce.

DAY 2-

Driving to Elafonisi Beach

These litte churches dotted the hills of Crete. We are still not sure why there were so many. The receptionist said, "You know....some people have money. When God answers a prayer, they build a chuch."


The water was SO beautiful!


The gusts at Elafonisi gave a Montana wind a run for its money. We carted the kids over to a small Island off the main beach to get behind some rocks. It was quite pleasant, but Pierce and Gretel already had a sour taste in their mouth so the beach day was cut short.

DAY 3-

Falsarna Beach

Another day on the beach. The weather wasn't blazing hot and the water was still freezing, but such a relaxing time with all my loves.

DAY 4-


Dad and his girl.

 Gretel you are such a toot! But a cute one.

I had a fantastic time! I love you Ajax.