Friday, May 10, 2013

This and That

My 'green thumb' in Texas wasn't so green. I hope my flowers fair better in Germany. But regardless of the flowers, it was such a delight to have little hands helping me!

Alex just finished a table for our patio! It turned out fantastic. Just two benches to go....

Germany has kick-ass parks! They boast play equiptment that the States would never have due to liabilities......such as zip lines, rediculously steep slides, rope climbs rising 25 ft. off the ground.....below is the latest park we discovered. There was a old fashion water spicket which when pumped spilled water on to a waterwheel and then careened down wooden troughs in to a oversized sand box. We enjoyed a relaxing evening with good friends, beer and schnitzel at a little restuarant adjacent to the park.

This is what happens when Alex dresses the kids.


The apple tree just burst into bloom and the lilac bush is right behind! The smell is overwhelmingly delicious.

Old houses possess such character and beauty. BUT, they are also a lot of work. Our kitchen sported an archaic halogen tube light, while a random chandelier hung in the dead space between the living room and dining room. Alex and I decided we would update the fixtures. After three trips to the hardware store, a broken light switch, six light bulbs and 42 dashes from the kitchen to the breaker in the crawl space.......we completed what should have been a hour project; rather than a day  project.