Friday, July 31, 2015

Mixed Emotions

     Our three year stay in Germany is winding down quick. I have watched most of my friends already leave and next it's us. I can't describe the mixed emotions running through my veins right now. Laura, (my German bestie) said when they left, "It almost feels like I should be mourning." And thats about accurate!
     We have enjoyed 3 years of new places, new food, new people, new EVERYTHING. Not only experienced it, but became accustomed to it.......and even started liking it! I am having a really hard time letting go......letting go of our everyday life over here and all the traveling. Living over here almost seemed like perpetual vacation. Regardless of that fact, I still desperately wanted to take a grand finale trip but its just not happening. The one weekend it would work I fly back for Kat's wedding. Worst of all I feel like two people: a spoiled brat, who is be moaning the fact that we couldn't fit in a few more trips and like the rich guy in the gospel that won't give up everything to follow Christ. 
     Dear Lord, thank you for our special time in Europe. It has been better than I could have imagined by 100 times. Thank you for healing my heart after Theresa's death. It took awhile but moving over here was just what I needed! Moreover, what WE needed. Thank you for Alex and I growing closer to you and adding a new life to our family! Thank you for the beautiful home we lucked out in finding, for Gerda, the Gisla's, Amy, Nick, the Jones's and especially for Gunther. Everywhere we have gone our paths crossed with such extraordinary people. Thank you for Pierce and Gretel and Scarlett. What exceptional kids you have blessed us with! Most of all thank you for loving us. "Behold the one beholding you, smiling." (Tattoos on the Heart). Jesus we love you!
     And now for a small favor, give me the grace of detachment! Jesus I trust you!