Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blue Skies Ahead

   On Feb 21, 2012 my Dad’s voice choked over the phone that Theresa had died. My closest, dearest friend and sister was gone.
   Theresa possessed an enthusiasm and zest for life that spread contagiously to those around her.  This passion drove her to adventure whenever the opportunity arose. From mountain biking, to skiing, to triathlons, she wanted to try it all. And luckily, I was swept up in her love for life and accompanied her on countless escapades.
    Shortly after I graduated from high school, Theresa decided it was high time for me to try out sky diving. She rounded up some friends and we took off for Lost Prairie, MT. After brief instruction, we suited up and chose the partner we wanted to jump with. When my buddy and I’s turn came we marched toward the Cessna 182 that we would jump from. A sign had been mounted to the side of the runway that read, “Blue Skies Ahead”. And ever since then Theresa and I often used that quip to brighten each other’s day.
   After Theresa passed away I picked up the pieces of my life, which entailed: welcoming my husband home from deployment, giving birth to a baby girl, moving back to Texas and preparing to PCS to Germany. As I now pack boxes and clean out closets, my thoughts drift back to various conversations with Theresa. We day dreamed about mountains to be climbed, rivers to be swam and caves to be explored; but most of all about raising our kids to see and live the beauty of life. My heart breaks knowing that I will be alone on these future endeavors. However, that’s when I remind myself that: BLUE SKIES ARE AHEAD!