Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Deals for Wheels

     After our arrival, the first task needing attention was to pass the German driving test.....then of course, buy cars! Alex and I don’t have the best track record with vehicles so we were hoping our luck would take a turn.
     I started scouring for hoopties and stumbled upon a 1999 Toyota Corolla with only 15,000 miles. I did the initial call and then passed the reins onto Alex. The man selling the Corolla happened to be named Alex as well. Supposedly, it was his Aunt’s car. It was in pristine condition…..etc….etc. We took it on a drive and it seemed every bit as kept up as he claimed. Consequently, a hand shake sealed the deal. Then he mentioned, “Ya….I have a friend ya….selling a BMW ya…..only 68,000 and in super condition ya…would you like to see it ya?” So we looked at it, it drove great too and we said we would take that one as well.
     The whole situation seemed a little bizarre….an Aunt? A friend? Alex mentioned this to the gal working in the title office. She asked, “Often car dealers hire people to sell privately because cars sold from dealer lots have to be guaranteed for 6 months. Are you sure this guy isn’t working for a dealer?” Hmmmmm. Alex strolled out of the office and affronted Alex, “I really liked your Aunt’s name. What was is again?”
Seller, “Ya…Gertrud.”          
Alex, “What’s her whole name?”          
Seller, “Ya..say…name…ya…..not understand…ya...”
Alex, “Are you working for a dealer?”
Seller, “Ya.”
     Supposedly, he lied because Americans tend to be wary of private sellers contracted with dealers. However, we bought both cars anyway because they seemed to check out. Maybe we got a screaming deal or maybe seller Alex walked away chuckling.....stupid Americans!