Sunday, October 21, 2012

The New Digs

     Second to car shopping, finding a house was next on the priority list. I had been occasionally looking on the AHRN website and noticed that houses came and went within literally hours.  Upon our arrival in Germany I started checking the website a couple times a day for any new listings. Four days passed with no luck. On the fifth day a house popped up that seemed like a possibility. I dialed up the lengthy 12 digit European number anticipating the voice of a Gerda Blouth. Gerda explained she actually listed the house two weeks prior but had received no calls. Therefore, she called up the AHRN not more than an hour ago and discovered that the listing was inactive, which of course she remedied immediately. I happened to be her first call. I told her Alex and I would head over to Weilerbach that afternoon to take a peak.
     40 Rummelstrasse is a quaint old farm house that has gradually been updated….or at least partially updated. It sits on the bustling main street of town but has a large fenced back yard, a huge garage, five bedrooms, 2 baths and the fit seemed just right for us.
     We’ll take it! Gerda sheepishly admitted that she had shown it already that morning to a couple who also wanted to rent it but considering they had a dog and that I called first….we got first dibs. Moreover, two other parties were waiting to come see it after us. Then……… we walked out of the house a black Lexus pulled in…another interested family. Gerda pronounced, “The house is rented.” As we wrapped up paper work in Gerda’s house next door a few other folks showed up in hopes of viewing the house. Whew…..whether that was luck, blessing or sheer coincidence……we are grateful and thrilled!

Ahh....and unpacking begins!