Saturday, January 26, 2013


It seems as though I am always writing about Pierce's oddities....but thats just because there are so many. He is the only little boy I have ever seen pick up his own toys without being prompted. I never even taught him! Pierce tends to be a bit OCD, like his mother I suppose. He is a shape, color, counting fiend. Actually, we are pretty impressed how well he knows his numbers; moreover, can associate numbers with objects. So although he is a bit liguistically challenged, we have not lost all hope!

Pierce's orange eating ritual: He peels the orange, pulls apart the segments, lines them up in a row, then proceeds to eat them from front to back.

Gretel's lastest achievement: waving!

Maria, she doesn't look like Isabelle in these pics. But I will find one to post and see what you think.

Looks are deceiving. I am in a pretty sore mood. Visiting the dentist and hearing I need a root canal isn't the most exillerating news. And I am a flossing fanatic! Grrrr.................the consequence of a sweet tooth.