Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Between the Americans and the Germans our first morning on the slopes turned into a royal fiasco.The US Government employees over here are less than informative and the Germans can be condescending jerks. I walked into the American ski lodge and asked, "What time does the tow rope start?" The answer was 8:30. So....we geared up and sat on the hill.....till 9:45! An American employee finally sauntered out to fire it up. 

Alex: "I thought the rope tow started at 8:30?"
Employee: "I dont know."
 Alex: "You work here."
Employee: "All I know is I was told to turn it on."

However, after a litany of cuss words........which is rather therapeutic........the afternoon brightened up. You cant beat swimming, jumping on motel beds and good eats!

Pierce was less than thrilled with skiing. Hopefully, it was only due to a combination of no nap and up late. Next time = Kinderski! 

Mexican Mittwoch....followed by sledding!

 Pierce would have stayed out the entire night......

The Grimlin at large....

 The snow was worse than terrible. But such fun to escape on our own!

                                                                                                     Dad would have been jealous! 

I love you Ajax!