Friday, July 26, 2013


Some people get addicted to running marathons. I don't suppose that will happen to me. Completeing a marathon was merely a check on the ol' bucket list. turned in to a little more than that. The training leading up to a marathon requires running.....running A LOT. Not just running a lot........but a lot of long runs. During the countless miles my mind most often drifted to Theresa. I wished she was running next to me....or rather, she would have been way in front of me. And I would be so frusterated she was so much faster than me. On a few runs, I couldn't stop the lump from growing in my throat or the tears from sneaking out from under my sunglasses. Crying while running is really challenging, considering the airway feels the size of a coffee stir stick. On one such run I was on mile 5, pushing the Chariot, dreading the next 5 miles. I had just finished giving all my worries, sadness, emotions to God and a cyclist pulled up next to me and started talking in German. I responded I only spoke English and a conversation ensued. In two days "Nick" would compete in the European Ironman Championship. So........of course......true to old days my first thing to talk about was my sister. Her speed, endurance and her Half Ironman. Nick asked, "How did she do?" I don't talk about Theresa with....well.....anyone. But, it all just spilled out and Nick responded, "Oh...I you're running this marathon with her on your mind." simple......but that response meant the world. Sometimes its just the obvious waiting to be spoken aloud that will touch a person's heart. Needless to say, the next five miles flew by as we chatted it up.

The marathon went well. At mile 18 I wanted to quit and never run another step in my life. I lost one toe nail and was sore for two days....but now I am feeling better than ever. Of course, I ached to call Theresa and tell her all about it. I can hear her bouncy voice, "Margaret, I am so nervous for you......oh you will do so well.....I wish I was there.....I am so proud of you." I miss you Theresa, but I know you were there with me............closer than ever!