Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Tirol

Time for a quick recap on our time in the Tirol. We ventured down to Austria with the Jone's for the Marathon/Half Marathon and then spent a few days enjoying the mountains together. it made me long for home. I have traveled the world far and wide and nothing can replace the wild Montana that lingers in my heart. However, we had a spectacular time and are extremely blest to have such dear friends.

The view from our quaint little apartment. Actually, it wasn't little at all. More like a pent house!:)

Enjoying fries and wurst.

While everyone toured the castle I walked around the lake with Pierce and Gretel......

Pierce squealed with delight at the millions of baby frogs jumping across the path.....he had to be reminded a few times that they were not to eat.

Morning wrestling session.....

Gretel's hair has gotten so blond!

The Looge course was a thrill!

Best buds. We love Luke!

Ice cream at the lake!