Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Our Germany home boasts beauty and character! It has aged beams, huge wooden garage doors, dormer windows and a fireplace. However, when winter rolls around, it is as cold as a tin toilet seat in Fairbanks. Really...the only way to heat the house to a tolerable temperature is with a fire. Like everything else, firewood prices are double of that in the States. In order to cut our own, Alex would need to get his license to be deemed capable of running a chain saw. But it is possible to cut wood with someone who already has the license. So our dear land lady, set Alex up with her cousin, Gunther, who goes out regularly. I think we are dang blest because now our house is warm and Alex is able to get his hands dirty. AND Gunther has become a regular visitor on our door step, much to Alex's delight.