Thursday, January 2, 2014


Grrrrr.....I wanted to recap on our trip as soon as we returned. However, there is this little gal sucking all my energy noon and night. Some days, I wish I was a bear. I could hibernate the entire 9 months away. As soon as spring rolled around I would wake up and find myself ready to pop out a little cub! But I am not a bear; instead, just way behind in my projects. So here goes......

Day 1-

     Alex and I arrived at the correct airport this time around. We went through three security checks in order to board the flight, one was airport security and the other two were Israeli security. Israel asserts they are one of the safest countries due to low crime rates and high security. If only for the past 10 years! Moreover, I doubt Israel is taking into account Palestine when they make that assertion. More about that later......
      Needless to say, trekking  through the airport sans kids seemed like a breeze. And how reassuring it was knowing the kids were in the best hands. I am so grateful for Mom and Dad's sacrifice in coming over here. It allowed Alex and I an experience of a life time: spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. Moreover, the pilgrimage resolved lingering questions and emotions that had been tormenting me since Theresa's death. The pilgrimage to Israel proved to be an extraordinary time of healing and grace!
      In Tel Aviv we were greeted by Fr. Guido, the spiritual guide, and driver. Upon arrival at the hotel we celebrated Mass, followed by dinner. Yay! Our first taste of Israeli food!!! By the 9th day I didn't want to see another piece of unleavened bread and humus again in my life!