Sunday, January 12, 2014

Israel cont.

Day 6-

Mount of Olives

     The Mount of Olives was across the Kidron Valley from Jerusalem and offered an entire vista of the city.

This is looking from the Mount of Olives towards Jerusalem. The gold mosque is approximately where the old temple was. 

This outcropping of olive trees on the hillside above the Kidron Valley is factually the Garden Of Gethsemane. 

These trees would have been the actual shoots from the olive trees of Christ's time. 

A church was built in the middle of the Garden, over the rock that Christ might have prayed by. There was only one huge rock amongst the olive trees so its pretty likely this is truly where Christ sweat blood. The stone is directly in front of the altar.

Walking from the Mount of Olives towards Jerusalem.

Near where the temple would have been, looking back on the Mount of Olives.

Wailing Wall

     After the Mount of Olives we visited the Wailing Wall. 

Prayer intentions stuffed in the wall.

Trying to fit in. Ha! The men had to have something on their head in order to approach the wall.

Napping on the job. The Jewish government actually pays people to pray at the Wailing Wall. 


A look at the 'delicious' Israeli food! Yuck.....


     Once we were in Jerusalem, Alex and I found dinner elsewhere in the evenings. It was all provided at the hotel, but my prego stomach could only handle so much humus, unleavened bread and cilantro. 

After Mass in Notre Dame, Father took us up on the roof top for a view of Jerusalem. It was a spectacular view, being the highest point in the city. Approx 15 years ago, the Vatican gave the complex of Notre Dame to the Legionaires of Christ. The buildings were falling into ruin, lacking financial support. So the Legion made part of it into a guest house and opened a restaurant on the roof top in order to bring in money. And that is where Alex and I dined. 

Looking over the city.

Shame, shame....fondue in Israel!