Thursday, February 27, 2014


     Another adventure to add to the list: Poland. We made the long drive and it was well worth it. The first stop was Boleslaweic, which is the town where all the famous Polish pottery is made. Alex entertained the kids while I darted in and out of the shops to buy tea cups and creamers. The bargain shopper in me loved Poland! The first country we have visited where there actually were bargains!

     We continued on to Oswiecim for the night. Our accommodation was quite a surprise!

My first thought was, "We can't stay here.......but is there anywhere else? The entire town looks like this. Damn!" had been totally re-done inside and was awesome!


The following day we spent the morning at Auschwitz. It was much more sobering than Dachau, the other concentration camp I have been to. Frankly, I don't want to elaborate because what we saw burned itself in my memory. The day marked 2 years since Theresa's death....and spending it in Auschwitz reminded me that others have suffered much, much more than I probably ever will. 

Gas chamber.


Birkenau- where the train arrived. Immediately, the people were selected for either the gas chamber, experimentation or work. 


Pierce and Gretel were royal turds so we spent the afternoon letting them rule the apartment.

I did it!

World traveler.

New beds!

The adoring sis.......


We hit up Krakow the next day. Alex and I scored some sweets deals in the cloth hall. Chess board, amber, wooden boxes and wooden toys! 

"I'll take one of each please."


     Zakopane is located in the Tatra mountains on the Slovokian border. The ski town sports some crazy architecture. 

The famous wooden church.

Checking out down town.

First time I've seen this gig.

It's Gunther....oh...I mean...Alex.

Family grave.....buried Polska style.

And......not to forget the littlest gal....


     Europe has gotten a scant amount of snow this year. There was one huge dump in Switzerland and Italy....but Austria and Poland never got hit. Regardless, Pierce took a little lesson and AJ made it above the clouds to see the Tatra mountains.