Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pat and Maria Visit

     When Maria called and told me her and Pat had gotten tickets to come over here I could hardly believe it! It takes a chunk of money and time to get here......AND frankly that part of it is no fun. Hence, I had no grand expectations of hosting visitors. However, it was such a treat to have them visit! Maria.....thank you! I love you! It was hard saying goodbye. I miss my sisters.

Out to dinner.....

Warming right up to Uncle Pat.

Such an affectionate thing.

Showing off the parks and trails. Pat really took to the trails. He went running every day. I can see why.....they are the best!

My love bug.

Enjoying baby T!

     Its so fun to adventure somewhere new and especially with family. We hit up Bruges. Its a quaint town with lots and lots of food to eat. Pretty much thats why a person should stay two nights....for the chocolate, waffles and beer. Actually, I didn't think the chocolate were that great. All truffles and creams.....I like the dark stuff! More chocolate, less sugar.

The Chocolate


The Waffles

Feeding that baby!

The Beer

Peter tried the infamous fries and mayo.....needless to say he had a rather upset stomach for the rest of the day!

The Bell Tower on the town square is a must. 366 stairs to a beautiful view of Bruges!

Canal Boat Tour

The Godfather.

Maria gets pooped on!

Loving little Theresa.

Good Bye Bruges!

Good bye Maria and Pat! Thank you so so much!