Monday, May 5, 2014


My due date has come and gone.......I guess Scarlett's birthday will most likely be the 12th of May. I am dying to hold her in my arms. It's kinda strange because I am more excited to see her than I was with Pierce or Gretel. With Pierce being the first there were so many unknowns and with Gretel I just went through the motions but my mind was wrapped around Theresa's death. So here we are.....waiting...... ever so eagerly!

Gretel and Pierce have moved into the same room, in order to free up the baby room for Scarlett. Pierce is beyond delighted! Every time we have guests stay at our house, Pierce makes a midnight visit......and sneaks into bed with them. The other night when Alex checked on them before we went to bed, he found Pierce snuggled up to Gretel in the pack-n-play. I love it! 

The baby room! Well.............Gretel's old room. I still have to change the pics out and the name. But having another girl sure made decorating easy!