Friday, July 25, 2014


     Alex and I thoroughly enjoy looking back through the blog.....hence I want to start jotting down memories again. I was extremely unmotivated during pregnancy, but a new found energy has washed over me since Scarlett was born. So here goes!!!!

     This past week we headed down to Berchtesgaden. I was there in high school but wanted to go back since my memories were a bit foggy.

The first day we took a boat ride up the Konigsee.  

The kids did so well.....I actually felt like a calm, collected parent the whole time!

Just the ladies!

Scarletty Hot Chocolate

     The next day we hiked the Almbachklamm. It is a ravine with a series of waterfalls and pools that the creek has carved out over time. The trail was a little hairy with Pierce because the it was no wider than 3 feet in most places, one side hugged the rock wall and the other shot down to the creek. He did awesome minding! A little mountain goat.

We crossed 19 bridges and then turned around.

     We hung around our apartment for the rest of the day and took a walk down the road to a hillside shrine. There are so many of them over here. Too bad they are only for show anymore. However, Alex and I decided that someday we are going to build one if we ever own the property to do it. 

Alex and I said the rosary at the shrine while the kids played around us. Mid-rosary Gretel knelt down and started singing the Hail Mary.......without any prompting! just melted our hearts!

The typical attire....although usually Pierce strips down to his undies.

     The last morning we made it to the Eagles Nest. Pretty impressive!

And the bus ride down. When we got home we asked Pierce what his favorite part of the trip was. He said, "The school bus ride." time we will just catch a bus to K-town!

The goober!

"Yeah.....(I) got lucky babe...when I found you!"