Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I am reading this self help, parent help, mom help.....whatever....book. A chapter of it is dedicated to making a family "culture". The point being made is this:

How do you want people to see your family?  What type of feeling do you want company to experience upon entering your home? Think of different families you know and can you identify certain adjectives with certain families? Family culture doesn't just happen. It is created!

I thought about this. As soon as I pictured a certain family I could immediately identify some of the adjectives associated with them. That is: musical, scholastic, easy going, loud, rule with an iron hand, totally lax, outdoorsy, hic, etc. Interesting and so true! Each family has such a unique rhythm of life.

So I asked myself. What do I want our family culture to look like?

I want people to feel at home when they walk in the door.
I want the house to be orderly and neat, but not to the point of walking on pins and needles.
I want to trip on Pierce's sweaty basketball jersey draped across the bathroom floor.
I want to hear Gretel belt across the house, 'I'm home!' or 'What's for dinner?'
I want Pierce's high school friends to raid my kitchen.
I want morning prayer to follow daily morning chores.
I want to take countless backpacking and road trips.
I want Gretel and I to escape for girl time.
I want to surprise Pierce and his buddies with water balloons catapulted from a window.
I want to be staunch Catholics.
I want my kids to love coming home on college breaks and bringing friends with them.
Mostly, I want our family to be tight knit.......yep.....more than anything else.....tight knit.