Sunday, June 9, 2013


I am a little embarassed....well....and a little shy to tell this story, but it's simply too comical to be forgotten. At my tender 27 years of age I have never been drunk..........until last night.

Gerda and Pius are not only our landlords but our next door neighbors. A waist high stucco wall separates our yards. However, bushes have grown along the wall making the yards semi-private. The only break in the shrubs is an old spray tank on Gerda's side of the wall. And that tank serves as a rendevous point for.......oh, about anything. Gerda sends cake over at least twice a week. Not to mention flowers to transplant, popcicles for the kids and regular odds and ends.

Last night the spray tank served as a table for cheese, crackers and liquor. Toooo much liquor! It all started shortly after we layed the kids down for the night. Alex and I dished up big bowls of ice cream to enjoy out on the patio. The evening sun warmed our backs as we dipped in to our desserts. However, not five minutes had passed before Gerda popped up by the spray tank to ask a few questions. We started chatting about this and that and before we knew it Gerda was pouring champagne in to glasses sitting atop the old spray tank. Presently, we learned that Pius made his own liquor. Actually, three kinds of liquor! Alex and I not only tried all three, but multiple shots of all three. Immediately upon finishing Pius would fill us up again. And how could we refuse? Pius has a heart of gold! A little after midnight Alex and I stumbled back to the house. Alex mumbled, "They just drank us under the table!"

So....after living through highschool, college and beyond never caving to peer pressure.......I finally got drunk due to a 70 year old's genuine likeablness!

Absolutely awful! Pierce had to pretend he felt sick too.