Friday, June 28, 2013


The Lauterbrunnen Valley.....words escape me. It was simply breath taking. And such a delight to share the beauty with family. This particular area of Switzerland has been on Dad's bucket list for quite some time. And I can see why! Thank you Dad and Mom!

Looking down on the town of Lauterbrunnen from the train to Wengen.

First tram ride up the right side of the valley.

Ah......such good lookin parents!

A moment of awe!

 Poppi is such a tease.....

Each morning we woke up to the sounds of bells clanging on the cow's necks as they were hearded from the valley bottom to the higher grazing ground.

 A park break in Murren.

Gretel got the biggest kick out of this slide. I was suprised she wasn't scared to go down because it was farely long and bumpy. 

Looking down on Murren as we took the next cog.

The Eiger is right behind Pierce's head.

Heading back down.

Out to enjoy some very expensive Swiss food.

We took a series of trains to the Jungfrau-Joch. That is, the saddle below the top of the Jungfrau. It takes about 2 hours to get from Lauterbrunnen to the observation center. Mid way up the train stopped in the middle of the Eiger and there is a view point looking out the north face of the mountain. Upon reaching the top, there was sledding, ice caves, restuarants and shops all in an impressively huge complex. And of course a few die hards were venturing out on skiis, skins, harnesses and crampons.

The Foursome.

Kleine Scheidegg sat on the ridge between the Lauterbrunnen valley and Grindewald. It's a ski resort that can be accessed either by Grindewald or Wengen.

A little refreshments before hiking.

Eiger - Monch - Jungfrau